Jade Phoenix Martinez

Jade Phoenix Martinez

Performer, Poet, Multi-media Producer, Actress, and Activist


Jade’s work is a poetic expression rooted in the multiple identities she holds and how they intersect with her day-to-day fight for a collective liberation, while boldly creating art and cultural content in hopes of bringing queer and trans stories to the center of today’s current social, political and cultural landscapes.

Jade Phoenix is a fierce story and truth teller, a vulnerable yet dynamic performance poet and actress, an informative and engaging cultural producer of film and media, and activist that uses her platform and art to shift and change the conversations and dialogue, specifically for trans women/femme and gender non conforming people of color in the arts, academia, and film.

Jade has been the featured performer/keynote speaker at multiple conferences, universities, and venues across the world.  Most notably, Jade was the keynote speaker at The Queer People Of Color Conference at UC Berkeley, The Ivy Queer Conference at Harvard University, and The Women’s Empowerment conference at UC Santa Barbara.  Jade has also featured her poetry at the Asian American Writers Workshop in New York City and been a featured writer for the Lambda Literary.  

Jade has also written, starred and produced various short films in collaboration with other filmmakers and producers in Los Angeles and is currently working on a documentary about her current journey as a trans parent to her 5 year old daughter Alaizah Rayne.

Jade brings her unique perspective and lived experience of the world as a First Gen Filipinx, Trans Femme, Parent and Artist to her work and presence, and seeks to be a transformative energy in this current climate of transphobia and hate in honor of those that have paved the way for her and other trans women, femmes, and gender non-conforming people of color, and a hopeful road map  for the future generations to come.  


Keynote Speaker/Performance Poetry Feature  

Jade Phoenix is an engaging and emerging storyteller and vulnerable and dynamic performance poet who holds her identities close to her art.  Jade gives herself  to her lived experience with an empowered truth as an offering of her wit and charm, her scorpio femme magic and vulnerability, as a gift to the audience as a vision for a collective liberated future for herself and her communities and how those who share a similar vision can  become accomplices in the work. 



Jade Phoenix offers a variety of educational workshops based around any of the lived experiences and identities as a Trans, Queer, Femme, First Generation Filipinx, Artist and Filmmaker.

Some of her past workshops center around Radical Self Love, Performance and Writing Workshops, Art as Healing practice, and is also able to create new workshops according to specific programming and needs.



Part of Jade's personal healing process is found in her ability to connect to the power of performance as a healing art.  She believes that by creating safe spaces for specific communities to gather and witness each other in creative expression and performance, we can work together as communities to hold space for collective healing. Jade has a special understanding of the intricacies and nuance in how to create, nurture, and hold these spaces in her communities and can bring a performance healing space/event like this to your campus, organization or community.



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